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A new Jigga Juice with lots of new hip hop, including an exclusive song from Israeli rapper Tuna's upcoming album!

Nechi Nech & Isaac DaBom in a special interview for Jigga Juice, talking about Nechi's new album "Bruchim Haba'aim LePetach Tikva, the influences and the hip hop scene on the first video and break down specific songs of the album and of other albums as well on the second one

Lots of new Israeli hip hop (Nechi Nech,Lukach,Sagol 59 & Shiroto feat. Cohen),new American hip hop (A$AP Rocky,Slum Village feat. Phife Dawg) and just the proper dosage of classics. Check it all out right here.

Israeli rapper Nechi Nech & Producer/singer IsaacDaBom come to Jigga Juice, on the day of Nechi's new album release! A Two hour special, including live performances and an extansive interview, covering all aspects of the new album!

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