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Palestinian rapper Tamer Nafar (of DAM) in a special remix to Israeli rapper Tuna's "Seret Aravi ("Arab Film") song! His first Hebrew-language performance since 2009! Click here to view Time Out Tel Aviv's coverage of the song!

A new edition of Jigga Juice, premiering an exclusive Jigga Juice Remix - Palestinian rapper Tammer Nafar of DAM rapping over Tuna's "Seret Aravi" (Arab film)! Also including lots of other great hip hop, old and new, Israeli and American.

A new Jigga Juice with lots of new hip hop, including an exclusive song from Israeli rapper Tuna's upcoming album!

An exclusive track off Israeli musician Ido Maimon’s new E.P featuring rapper Peled and many protests songs from Israeli and American artists alike.

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