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Published November 15, 2017

Israeli rapper Echo returns to Jigga Juice to talk about her kickstart campaign for her debut Hebrew-language solo album! Echo talks about the upcoming project and what motivated her to start rapping in Hebrew after years of writing and creating in English. To top it off, she also kicks a few freestyle bars in the studio!

Full Show

Echo - Shemesh Hama (אקו - שמש חמה)
Hadag Nahash & Echo - Hakol Hozer (אקו והדג נחש - הכל חוזר)
Echo - Go
Echo - Sha'ar Achar Shaar (אקו - שער אחר שער)
Karolina feat. Echo - Or Remix (קרולינה ואקו - אור (רימיקס)
Echo & Tito - Ana Mabsuta
Echo - Jigga Juice Freestyle! (אקו - ג'יגה ג'וס פריסטייל)
LBT - Conciousness
Echo & KerenDunn - Gliter
Echo - Baby It's When

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