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Hulon Imperia

Published January 18, 2018

Israeli crew Hulon Imperia turns Jigga Juice to Jigga Syrup in a special show in celebration of their new album "Sagol" ! A special interview and a few in-studio performances.

Full Show

Full Playlist :
Hulon Imperia - Kalaboni Gordos Bruni
Hulon Imperia feat. Michael Swissa - Yachty
Hulon Imperia - Koofsat Hafta'a
Holon Imperia - Martini - Live @ Jigga Juice!
Hulon Imperia feat. Milky Maine - Kerach
Hulom Imperia feat. Bro Two - Sha'a
Bro Two feat. Cohen@Mushon, DJ Eitek & Algo -Kaniti Gram
Hulon Imperia - Syrup 2 - Live @ Jigga Juice!
Hulon Imperia - Taba'at Zahav
Hulon Imperia - Kol Davar Sheba Lach

Hulon Imperia - Martini - Live @ Jigga Juice - Video Version

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