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Episode #195

Published August 06, 2014

Due to the ongoing situation in Israel, Jigga Juice remains on a toned down note, but with great music nonetheless, including a tribute to Israeli rapper Kashmar who died in Lebanon 8 years ago.

Ab-Soul - To the Max
Atmosphere - Camera Thief
V-Nova feat. Smiff N Wessun - Abstract Art
PR Trooperz - Be'Ima'shli (PR Trooperz - באמאש'לי)
Turkish Meister, Riff Raff feat. Sagol 59 & DJ Mash - Achrey Hakol (Luqman Remix) (טורקיש מייסטר וריף ראף עם סגול 59 ודי ג'יי מאש - אחרי הכל (לוקמן רמיקס)
Hopsin - Ill Mind of Hopsin 7
51% - Naniach (51% - נניח)
Cohen - Nedudim (כהן- נדודים)
Buck 65 - Cries a Girl
Nechi Nech - Hasimcha (נצ'י נצ' - השמחה)
Kashmar - The Intro (קשמר - האינטרו)
Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel feat. Scarface - This Can't Be Life
Kashi - Ruach (קאשי - רוח)


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