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Episode 292 - Bishop Nehru Special + Interview!

Published July 06, 2016

Bishop Nehru, the young rapper who at the age of 19 has already released an album by MF DOOM and was endorsed by Nas in a special interview for Jigga Juice, taken in New York City! A special show dedicated to Bishop Nehru featuring the interview as well as some of his best tracks.

Photo : Jenna Yael Whitlock

Playlist :
Bishop Nehru - Fickle Mind$
Bishop Nehru - Languages
NehruvianDOOM - Great Things
BIshop Nehru - Jumpman (Nehruvian Remix)
Hodgy Beats feat. Bishop Nehru - To/Day/Morrow
Bishop Nehru - The Alert
Bishop Nehru - Love What You Do
Bishop Nehru - Midnight Reflecting
Bishop Nehru - It's Whateva
NehruvianDOOM - Om
Bishop Nehru - Mobb Dizzle
NehruvianDOOM - Caskets


  Full Show (Presented in Hebrew, Music and Interview are in English)

  Full Interview (100% in English, no music)

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