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Episode 9

Published November 04, 2017

Another very diverse edition of Jigga Juice - from Eminem through KRS-One to Army of the Pharaohs.

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Playlist :
Jurassic 5 - If You Only Knew
Just Ice & KRS-One - Blah, Blah, Blah
Sagol 59 - Az Bamazav Hanochechi Remix (סגול 59 - אז במצב הנוכחי רימיקס)
Hadag Nahash - HaVolume Ole (הדג נחש - הווליום עולה)
Eminem - Cold Wind Blows
Peled - Mugaz Adin (פלד - מוגז עדין)
Army of the Phharaohs - Suplex
Drake feat. Jay-Z - Light Up
Lukach - Brandon Walsh (לוקץ' - ברנדון וולש)
Blackalicious - Your Move
Produx - Ichiban (פרודוקס - איצ'יבאן)
Shabak Samech - Mapilim Et HaPzaza (שב"ק ס' - מפילים את הפצצה)
OutKast - So Fresh, So Clean
Cypress Hill feat. Evidence & Alchemist - Pass the Dutch
PR Trooperz - Shlav Alef Makabim אלפרבר (PR Trooperz) - שלב א' מכבים

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  • You never thought that hip hop would take it this far

     - Notorious B.I.G, "Juicy"