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Episode 341 - Nechi Nech Exclusive

Published June 12, 2017

After almost two months of specials and guests on the show, a regular installment of Jigga Juice - but not too regular, as it features an exclusive track from Nechi Nech's upcoming album! Jigga Juice world premier! Also features a lot more great hip hop, old and new, Israeli and American.

Full Show

Playlist :
SZA feat. Kendrick Lamar - Doves in the Wind
Lyrics Born - Rise and Shine
Freddie Gibbs - Homesick
Jimbo J & Lahakat Spa - Oti Lo Yachtefoo (ג'ימבו ג'יי ולהקת ספא - אותי לא יחטפו)
Quami & HaHalvot - Tea (קוואמי והחלבות - תה)
Parvarim Refugeez - BxOxNxG
Nechi Nech - Punchim - Jigga Juice Exclusive! (נצ'י נצ' - פאנצ'ים - ג'יגה ג'וס אקסקלוסיב)
Masta Ace Inc- Who You Jackin'
Ayatola & Karmazel - Spinner (אייטולה וקרמזל - ספינר)
Michael Swissa, Lava Dom, Ori Shochat & Noroz - S.A.S.N (מיכאל סוויסה, לאבה דום, אורי שוחט ונורוז - ס.ע.ש.נ)
Vince Staples feat. Ty Dolla $ign - Rain Come Down
Shiroto & Shachak - Cut the Bullshit
Anderson.Paak - Come Down

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