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Jigga Juice Celebrates three years on air by bringing together some of Israel’s finest MC’s to spit some rhymes, with DJ’ Lil’ Or on the turntables! Including a cypher sent all the way from Los Angeles featuring our hip hop representatives in the U.S. (with DJ Vibe).

Jigga Juice celebrates 6 years on the air in a special show featuring band Dub LFO and a host of Israeli rappers - Peled, Axum, Sagol 59, Benny Esterkin, David Maayan and Dorke! Watch some of the jams from the jam right here!

Israeli singer Karolina in a special interview for "Groove 88" on 88FM! The international sensation Karolina talks about her work with phenomenal musicians such as Kutiman, Adrian Younge and Sabo , her new album "Shalosh" and the tour accompanying it and much more!

DJ Mesh

By April 29, 2017

Legendary Israeli DJ, DJ Mesh visits Jigga Juice to promote his new album , talk about hip hop - and showcase his skills on the turntables!

Israeli rapper Jimbo J (of the Victor Jackson crew) comes to Jigga Juice with the Spa band for an interview and an amazing in studio performance! First live band on the show since 2013!


By April 13, 2016

Israeli rapper Peled and DJ' Lil' Or in a special visit to Jigga Juice, to talk about his upcoming release concert for his new album "Hakol Alai" (and the album itself) - and perform a couple of songs from the album !

Adi Ulmansky

By April 29, 2017

Israeli rapper/singer/producer in a special interview for Jigga Juice, talking about her new EP "Dreamin'", her struggles in music and in her personal life and the early stages of her career. Also including a live performance of her track "Higher" !

Israeli rapper Sagol 59 and Palestinian rapper Saz (accompanied by guitar player Koby Shalom) visit Jigga Juice for a special show, co-hosted with Yvonne Saba of "Indiepush" and "The Bridge"! The two rappers talk about their collaboration and their respective careers and of course, perform some of their songs on the show!

Nechi Nech & Isaac DaBom in a special interview for Jigga Juice, talking about Nechi's new album "Bruchim Haba'aim LePetach Tikva, the influences and the hip hop scene on the first video and break down specific songs of the album and of other albums as well on the second one

Cafe Shachor Chazak, the sensation of the year in Israeli music, perform their songs "Iheye Beseder" (יהיה בסדר) and "Af Echad", live on Jigga Juice, supported by DJ Moshik!

Lucille Crew

By November 13, 2017

Jigga Juice's 7th birthday celebration continues, this week with Israeli band Lucille Crew! The smoking-soul crew makes its debuts on Jigga Juice to talk about their career and of course perform some songs live! A live band spectacle on Jigga Juice plus a freestyle session by the crew's MC, Rebel Sun!

Jigga Juice celebrates 7 years on the air in a two parter! For the first part, two prime Israeli DJ's, DJ Pipe (DMC Championship participant) and DJ Lil' Or come to the studio to perform live sets and demonstrate their technique! In between, they talk about themselves, their careers and turntablism in general.

Bro Two

By June 09, 2018

Israeli rapper Akh2 a.k.a Kor Ruach (formerly of the crew Sadyle) comes to Jigga Juice, fresh after the release of his new album "Biglal Lama"! A special interview, including live performances in the studio!

Israeli rappers David Maayan and Benny Esterkin to talk about their projects and perform a few songs and a freestyle!

Jimbo J (Omer Habaron) and Pedro Grass/Yossef Sirtish (Amit Ulman) perform teasers off their spoken word version of 'The Tragedy of Macbeth', separately and together!

Select bits from Jigga Juice's freestyle special featuring Lukach, Segev and Greg with DJ Popalova on the turntables! Including freestyles about volunteers from the studio and about words the listeners suggested on the show's facebook page!

Ushpizin Special

October 08, 2014

Ushpizin special on Jigga Juice! As the Sukot holiday tradition commands, Jigga Juice opens the studio to some of Israel’s top rappers - Nechi Nech, Lukach, Soul-J, The U-Crew (Turkish Meister, Riff-Raff, Benny Esterkin & David Maayan), Habarnash, Tune & OBD, backed by DJ Junior Jones on the turntables!

Right before they joined forces on stage for the first time in 6 years, Israeli Mc’s Cohen & Mushon (Cohen@Mushon), Tedross & Judah (Axum), Peled and Ortega. collectively known as “The Kabinet” visited the Jigga Juice studio to discuss the reunion and perform a few of their songs, including the reunion track, K.A.B.I.N.E.T!


February 19, 2014

Israeli rapper Lukach in another great Jigga Juice visit, promoting his “Yaron Brovinski” EP, performing his contagious song “Eyal Shani” and once again demonstrating his great freestyle ability.

After releasing his second solo album, "Boor Ve'Am Ha'aretz - Sipooro Shel Haboom Shacka-Lack (Ignoramus - The Story of the Boom-Shaka-Lak), Nechi Nech visits the Jigga Juice studio, accompanied by rapper and producer Tuna, who produced and performed a chorus on the album. Together they performed 3 songs off the album , for the very first time!

Miro and Nimi Nim of the first group to rap in Hebrew, Shabak Samech, come to Jigga Juice for a special interview! In this clip, they talk about the experience of seeing the group perform live and the way they devise their setlist.

Israeli rappers, former duo and frequent collaborators Peled & Ortega, come to Jigga Juice, accompanied by live band DUB LFO and DJ Lil’ Or, performing some of their songs and freestyling, separate and together. .

Select bits out of Jigga Juice's Cohen@Mushon special, right before they celebrated the release of their second album "Machshev Lekol Yeled"! Watch Cohen@Mushon, accompanied by Peled, perform songs and freestyles and talk about the show and the album!

Israeli producer and rapper Shekel comes to Jigga Juice, right before his debut album "Radio Junam" finally drops - and he's not coming alone. Longtime collaborator Nechi Nech and upcoming rapper Sima Noon, who make appearances on the album join Shekel in the studio to perform the songs on the album and talk about working with Shekel.

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