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Israeli rapper Nechi Nech and producer Shekel kick a bi-lingual freestyle on the debut episode of 'Yo!TLV Raps'on TLV1 Radio

Israeli rapper Nechi Nech, along with producer Shekel and comedian Amit Hashai comes to Jigga Juice before taking the stage at the Barby club and performs a freestyle plus his version of Common's "Sweet".

Select bits out of Jigga Juice's Cohen@Mushon special, right before they celebrated the release of their second album "Machshev Lekol Yeled"! Watch Cohen@Mushon, accompanied by Peled, perform songs and freestyles and talk about the show and the album!

Ushpizin special on Jigga Juice! As the Sukot holiday tradition commands, Jigga Juice opens the studio to some of Israel’s top rappers - Nechi Nech, Lukach, Soul-J, The U-Crew (Turkish Meister, Riff-Raff, Benny Esterkin & David Maayan), Habarnash, Tune & OBD, backed by DJ Junior Jones on the turntables!

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