Jigga Juice

Victor Jackson (minus Yossef Sirtish) perform the song "Cigariot" ("Cigarettes") live on Jigga Juice. An acoustic version to a song which later became a Jimbo J & the Spa Band Song. Click here to hear the full show.

In honor of the 20th anniversary to Nas's classic debut album "Illmatic", a special edition of Jigga Juice featuring two guest co-hosts - Tal Elefant (Hiphopotal) and Matan Sharon. An hour that features the entire album and a discussion about what makes that album so great.

Victor Jackson (minus Yossef Sirtish) perform their special tribute to Nimrod Reshef a.k.a Nimi Nim, one of Israel's greatest rappers of all time. Performed on Victor Jackson's Jigga Juice visit on August 8th, 2012. Click here to hear the full show.

Jigga Juice's 4th annual Notorious B.I.G special, with music journalist Matan Sharon joining Tomer Gershenman as co-host! With 2014 marking 20 years to Biggie's classic debut album 'Ready to Die', the two focus on this album and take you on a one hour journey to the king of New York's life! Including a special insert by Israeli rapper and radio veteran Quami!

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