Jigga Juice

The 5th annual "Best of Jigga Juice" show, featuring some of the best live performances on the show from the past few months as well from earlier shows and of course, the anthem and its remix version!

With the Jewish year of 5775 (התשע"ה) coming to a close, Jigga Juice (on its 250th show!) wraps off the year with a two-hour special featuring Matan Sharon as guest co-host! Best albums and songs of the year and a mix of stupid jokes and serious hip hop discussions.

Cafe Shachor Chazak, the sensation of the year in Israeli music, perform their songs "Iheye Beseder" (יהיה בסדר) and "Af Echad", live on Jigga Juice, supported by DJ Moshik!

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