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Guests and Interviews - English

  • Mr. Green

    13 January 2016

    A special and an interview with producer Mr. Green, who produced music for the likes of Freddie Gibbs, R.A The Rugged Man, A$AP Ferg and more!

  • Kool DJ Red Alert

    13 January 2016

    Legendary DJ Kool DJ Red Alert, the longest lasting man in hip hop radio, in a special interview for Jigga Juice, talking about his competition with Mr. Magic, his longevity in the hip hop game , his affiliation with Zulu Nation and his favorite MC's of today.

  • Oddisee - Pt. 2!

    02 December 2015

    Rapper/Producer Oddisee returns to Jigga Juice for a second interview! Tune in to hear him talk about his career endeavors since the first interview and the first album, Kanye West and the conditions on which he'll agree to perform in Israel.

  • Tyrone "Fly Ty" Williams

    15 November 2015

    Producer for Mr. Magic's legendary "Rap Attack" radio show, Fly Ty (who also managed the Juice Crew) in a short yet inspiring interview for Jigga Juice!

  • Stretch and Bobbito

    09 November 2015

    Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia of the legendary "Stretch and Bobbito" show in a special interview for Jigga Juice, right taken right before a special screening of their new documentary "Radio that Changed Lives" in Harlem. Stretch and Bobbito talk about getting on the radio, the liberties made possible by being on a college station and more!

  • Bizzie Monroe

    28 October 2015

    Upcoming rapper Bizzie Monroe in a special interview and an acapella performance for Jigga Juice!

  • Souls of Mischief & Adrian Younge

    05 November 2014

    Tajai and A Plus of Souls of Mischief and producer Adrian Younge in a special interview for Jigga Juice!

  • CunninLynguists

    01 October 2014

    Deacon the Villain and Natti of CunninLynguists in an interview for Jigga Juice , as a part of a two hour CunninLynguists special!

  • Jeru the Damaja & Klee Magor!

    27 August 2015

    Hip hop legend and Gang Starr Foundation member Jeru the Damaja comes to Jigga Juice! A full hour interview with Jeru the Damaja and Israeli-Canadian rapper Klee Magor, talking about Jeru's career, including his relationship with DJ Premier and Guru and his "beef" with Biggie! Also including a live performance of "Come Clean' and a freestyle with Klee Magor!

  • Ill Bill & DJ Eclipse

    17 December 2013

    Ill Bil & DJ Eclipse visit the Jigga Juice studio for a special interview! Tune in to hear Ill Bill talk about his legendary crew ‘Non Phixion’, his Israeli roots and his many groups and projects!

  • Rock (of Heltah Skeltah)

    02 October 2013

    Rock a.k.a Rockness Monstah of Heltah Skeltah in a special Jigga Juice interview,

  • Onyx

    16 May 2016

    The legendary Onyx crew (Sticky Fingaz & Fredro Starr) in a special interview for Jigga Juice, granted at the backstage of their first and only show in Israel!

  • R.A The Rugged Man

    05 June 2015

    Veteran MC R.A the Rugged Man in a special interview for Jigga Juice, talking about his ll lng career, his father’s tragic story and its effects , his own crazy story going from being a millionaire to being up broke to getting back up on his feet and establishing his own legendary status. All of that and more (including some of his best music ), available right here!

  • Oddisee

    17 October 2012

    Rapper and producer Oddisee in a special interview for Jigga Juice, talking about his debut album 'People Hear What They See' and his previous career efforts!

  • Kool G Rap

    23 April 2015

    Legendary rapper Kool G Rap in a sepcial interview for Jigga Juice, telling stories about his career and explaining his work process !

  • Meir Ariel Piece (TLV1)

    30 November -0001

    A piece for TLV1 about Israeli troubadour Meir Ariel. It is only after his untimely passing that the Israeli public started gravitating towards the songs he left behind. An attempt to to understand his craft and the reason for his posthumous success and convey it to people who don't speak Hebrew.

  • Sivan Talmor Piece (TLV1)

    04 September 2017

    Tomer Gershenman interviews Israeli singer Sivan Talmor. Sivan Talmor was first introduced to the wider Israeli public when she took part in "The Voice." But the reality show was far from being her first musical endeavor – and certainly not her last.In a special interview for TLV1, Talmor walks host Tomer Gershenman through her career, from the military band, through "The Voice" and her debut album, all the way to her new album "Fire" and her transition from Hebrew to English. She also treats us to a special studio performance of the song "Circles" from her new album.

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