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Slug (of Atmosphere)

Published March 31, 2016

Rapper Slug of Atmosphere in a very special interview for Jigga Juice! A two hour sepcial featuring the Rhymesayers co-founder's best music and the very special interview! Slug talks about his early career, about his label Rhymesayers and what makes it so unique, about coping with death of friend and rapper Eyedea and writing about it - and a lot more! The special show and the full interview are both available here.

Photo by Sidiq of Rhymesayers

Playlist :
Atmosphere - Trying To Find a Balance
Atmosphere - Party for the Fight to Write
Atmophere - To All My Friends
Atmosphere - Little Man
BK-One feat. Slug & Brother Ali - Gitit
Eyedea feat. Slug - Forget Me
Atmosphere - Guarantees
Atmosphere - My Notes
Atmosphere - Flicker
Atmosphere - That Night
Atmosphere - Fuck You Lucy
Atmosphere - Godlovesugly
Unknown Prophets feat. Slug - Never
Atmosphere - Scapegoat

Full Show (Presented in Hebrew, Music and Interview are in English)

Full Interview (100% in English, no music)

Slug (Atmosphere) - The Full Jigga Juice Interview!

The full interview with Slug of Atmosphere on Jigga Juice! More than an hour of conversation with the Rhymesayers co-founder and rapper. A must hear conversation, in which Slug talks about hip hop in Minneapolis, getting his career started, his approach to art, the uniqueness of his label Rhymesayers, mainstream and underground hip hop - and about deceased rapper Eyedea, his friend and colleague. For the radio version, which also features some of Slug and Atmosphere's music : credit : Siddiq of Rhymesayersהראיון המלא עם סלאג מאטמוספיר בג'יגה ג'וס! יותר משעה של שיחה הראפר ומייסד הלייבל ריימסיירס! שיחה שחובה להאזין לה, בה סלאג מדבר על היפ הופ במיניאפוליס, תחילת הקריירה שלו, הגישה שלו לאומנות, הייחוד של הלייבל ריימסיירס, ההבדלים בין מיינסטרים לאנדרגראונד וטשטושם בשנים האחרונות - וגם על הראפר וחברו הטוב איידיאה, שנפטר בשנת 2010. להאזנה לתוכנית המלאה, שכוללת גם מבחר משיריו של סלאג ושל אמטוספיר -

Posted by ‎ג'יגה ג'וס - Jigga Juice‎ on Wednesday, 30 March 2016

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