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Dirty Honkers (TLV1)

Published July 03, 2017

Dirty Honkers’ eclectic musical style, described most often as ‘Electro Swing,’ is mirrored in their diverse origins in Israel, Canada, and France. In 2015, I caught up with “Neckbreaka,” “Screechy,” and “Flap Jack” backstage before their show at Tel Aviv’s Ozen Bar.

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Songs played in the piece :
Dirty Honkers - Oh! Doctor
Parvarim Refugeez - Kikar Party Haferflocken Swingers - Old Yella Dirty Honkers - Get Flappy Dirty Honkers - Gingerbread Man Shlomo Shabat & Lior Narkis - Lechol Echad Yesh (שלומי שבת וליאור נרקיס - לכל אחד יש) Dirty Honkers - Lechol Echad (Dirty Honkers - לכל אחד) Dirty Honkers - Music All Around

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