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Published April 18, 2018

American rapper Hopsin in a special interview for Jigga Juice, aired as part of a special show dedicated to Hopsin and his music! Listen to Hopsin talk about Funk Volume, his "Ill Mind of Hopsin" series and more!

Full Show (Presented in Herbew, Music and Interview are in English)

Full Interview (100% in English, no music)

Full Playlist :
Hopsin – Ill Mind of Hopsin 5
Hopsin – Sag My Pants
Tech N9ne feat. Hopsin & B.O.B – Am I A Psycho
Hopsin – Ill Mind of Hopsin 8
Hopsin – The Purge
Hopsin – Hotel in Sydney
Hopsin – Ill Mind of Hopsin 9
Hopsin feat. Tech N9ne – Rip Your Heart Out
Hopsin – Ill Mind of Hopsin 4
Hopsin – Ill Mind of Hopsin 7
Hopsin – No Words

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