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Jigga Juice on VICE!

August 18, 2015

As part of VICE's documentary series "Hip Hop In the Holy Land", host Mike Skinner visits Jigga Juice and interviews Tomer Gershenman along with Israeli rappers Cohen@Mushon and Nechi Nech!

Jigga Juice is proud to present : The Anthem!
Celebrating 5 years of Jigga Juice with a bang (er) featuring
Cohen@Mushon, Peled, Nechi Nech, Ortega, Z.K, Lukach & Tuna!
Listen to The Anthem! / Download The Intervention Mixtape!


Jigga Juice is proud to present : The Anthem!
Jigga Juice celebrates 8 years on the air in a series of celebratory cyphers, featuring the best Israeli MC's, DJ's and producers!


Palestinian rapper Tamer Nafar (of DAM) in a special remix to Israeli rapper Tuna's "Seret Aravi ("Arab Film") song! His first Hebrew-language performance since 2009! Click here to view Time Out Tel Aviv's coverage of the song!

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