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  • Episode 671 - Jenny Penkin

    15 April 2024

    Israeli singer and rapper Jenny Penkin comes to Jigga Juice for her first solo special on the show in honor of her new album "Hakol O Klum"!  The artist talks about the album, its subject matter, her decision to rap more on it and the delay of its release due to the war in Israel. She also performs a few tracks live in the studio, plus a hillarious gibberish freestyle.

  • Episode 670 - Hadag Nahash

    01 April 2024

    Israeli hip hop band Hadag Nahash returns to Jigga Juice, this time in full effect, in honor of their new album "Dag Life"! A special show featuring live band performances and a conversation about the album, the way its reception was effected by the war and their work process with Itzik Pzazati and Peled.

  • Episode 667 - Draft

    12 March 2024

    Israeli rapper Draft makes his solo Jigga Juice debut in honor of his debut solo album, "Klipat Noga"! A fascinating conversation with Draft about his career trajectory, the concepts he explores on the albums and more. He also performs tracks live in the studio, plus the traditional Jigga Juice Exclusive!

  • Episode 669 - J.Lamotta

    25 March 2024

    Israeli rapper, singer and producer Jay Lamotta returns to Jigga Juice in honor of her new album "Asulin"!  J.Lamotta talks about building her Israeli career, her connection with producer Ofiri, the subject matter on the new album and more. She also performs tracks live in the album and the traditional Jigga Juice exclusive!

  • Episode 668 - Sagol 59

    19 March 2024

    Vertran Israeli rapper Sagol 59 returns to Jigga Juice to talk about his latest album "Dinosaour Milenial" and its new remix project! The rapper talks about the guests on the album, working with his former students and some of the messages on the album. He also performs a track live in the studio as well as the traditional Jigga Juice exclusive!

  • Episode 666- The Notorious B.I.G Special #14

    06 March 2024

    Jigga Juice carries on tradition in its 14th  annual The Notorious B.IG Tribute! This year,  DJ Mesh joins in the tradition to play his favortie B.I.G songs and talk about Biggie's influence on him. 

  • Episode 665 - Abagada

    28 February 2024

    Israeli rapper Abagada aka MacDaddy G aka Abagada makes his Jigga Juice solo debut in a special show in honor of his debut solo album "Cookoo"! A special show with the Parvarim Refugeez/PR Trooperz man, who comes to the studio on the heels of his album release show and talks about the album and his Israeli hip hop legacy! He also performs a few improvised sessions with his looper live in the studio!

  • Episode 664 - Shibush

    19 February 2024

    Israeli rap crew Shibush make their Jigga Juice debut in an extremely wild show, as can be expected from the Be'er Sheva crew. On the speical, they talk about the wild humor they are known for in their projects, the concept and the stories each project has, their collaborations and more. They also perform songs in the studio, including a track from their new EP "Shuvo Shel Asulin" !

  • Episode 663 - Nastia Rod

    08 February 2024

    Israeli rapper and singer Nastia Rod makes her Jigga Juice debut, accomapanied by DJ Perky and her crew "Ahuzat HaBait"! Nastia talks about her debut album "Alef", her EP with Perky "Eich Efsahar Haya Shelo", the success of her collaboration with Peled "Azavt Ta'Bait" and how she responded to the events of October 7th and the ongoing war that followed. She also performs songs in the studio, including the traditional exclusive - this time over Doja Cat's "Agora Hills" beat. 

  • Episode 662 - Gido

    29 January 2024

    Israeli rapper Gido makes his Jigga Juice debut in honor of his new album "Bambi"! The rapper talks about the album and how it's moudled after the five stages of grief  the collaborations on it and the "alternative hip hop" scene in Israel. He also performs tracks live in the studio. including an exclusive for Jigga Juice over XXXTENTACION's  "intinity (888)" beat.

  • Episode 661 - Maor

    24 January 2024

    Israeli rapper Maor makes his Jigga Juice debut in honor of his new album "Bizo"! The rapper talks about the album, his career trajectory leading up to it, the viral succes of his song "Deni Avdija" and how he was effected by the ongoing war in Israel since October 7th. He also performs tracks live in the studio, including an exclusive for Jigga Juice over Smino and J.Cole's "90 Proof" beat.

  • Episode 660 - Voodoo Daddy

    10 January 2024

    Israeli rapper Voodoo Daddy returns to Jigga Juice in honor of his new album "Ad Kedey Kach"!  Voodoo Daddy performs tracks live in the studio and tals about the album, the honesty in his texts and his place in the Israeli hip hop scene. 

  • Episode 658 - Best of 2023

    25 December 2023

    Despite the ongoing war, Jigga Juice continues its tradition and wraps up the year in its annual special! Despite going down to two hours rather than the usual three, Jigga Juice delivers two hours of the best hip hop the year. including the usual choices by artists and colleagues, with Lukach, Cohen, Ori Shochat, Nastia Rodd, Ram, Quami and Matan Sharon and theiir favorite albums or songs of the year !

  • Episode 659 - Pisgat HaRap 2

    02 January 2024

    An important Jigga Juice edition in honor of the upcoming event "Pisgat HaRap 2", from which all proceeds go to the vicitms of the Nova Festival which took place on October 7th. The event's organizers, Greg Goldenberg, Sverdi & Eliran Erel and three of the rappers who will perfom there, Regini, Big Sezo & Roisha talk about the event's importance and what to expect from it. 

  • Episode 657- Shrek

    11 December 2023

    Jigga Juice returns with Israeli rapper Shrek, who talks about the year he had before October 7th (a viral hit, an album and being signed to Omer Adam's label), the music he's released since that day, his journey back towards religion and his life mission to make sure every major artist in Israel will rap at some point.

  • Episode 656 - Ram

    30 November 2023

    Jigga Juice continues its gradual return with special guest Ram, making his Jigga Juice debut. On the show, he talks about his religious background, the stories he tells on his songs and of course, the current situation in Israel. He also performs tracks live in the studio, including a special freestyle about the situation. 

  • Episode 655 - 1979-1983 Speical

    20 November 2023

    Despite the difficult times in Israel, Jigga Juice continues its tradition of tribute shows to past hip hop years. As always, Tal Elefant joins as co-host, but this time the focus is on a longer time frame - 1973 to 1983. Two hours of some of the best songs from hip hop's formative years.

  • Episode 654- Ovadia

    31 October 2023

    Despite the situation in Israel, Jigga Juice returns with special guest Ovadia. The rapper talks about his latest album "Schorot" and the way he deals with the war situation. He also performs tracks from the album and an exclusive freestyle inspired by Israel's war situation.

  • Episode 653- Best of Show #13

    02 October 2023

    Jigga Juice's  13th Annual "Best of" Show! An hour featuring some of the best live performancesin the studio and some of Jigga Juice' original projects  throught the show's 13 years on the air.

  • Episode 651 - Slimfim (Shaman300) & Argov

    19 September 2023

    Israeli rapper Slimfim and producer Argov come on Jigga Juice in honor of their new collaborative album "Loop HaSevel HaEinsofi"! The two talk about the album, Slima's unique writing, the change from Slimfim to Shaman300, the upcoming album release concert and more. They also perfrom a a song from the album live in the studio!

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