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  • Episode 515 - Amir & Ben Special

    04 November 2020

    Jigga Juice finally ends the Corona editions (at least for the moment) and returns to hosting artists in the studio, with rapper/producer duo Amir & Ben (Amir VeBen) ! On their debut Jigga Juice appearance the duo performs tracks live in the studio and talks about their career from the begining as part of the crew Franklin to the succesful present. 

  • Episode 514 - Balu Set

    28 October 2020

    Jigga Juice Crew member Omri "Balu" Avidar in a special set for Jigga Juice, full of great new hip hop from all places.

  • Episode 513 - Corona Edition - featuring Jimbo J On the Phone and a Taboo Plus Exclusive!

    21 October 2020

    A new Corona edition of Jigga Juice, which includes a phone interview with rapper Jimbo J and an exclusive new track by rapper Taboo Plus !

  • Episode 512 - Corona Edition - featuring Heffner

    14 October 2020

    A new Corona edition of Jigga Juice, with an hour of great hip hop and a phone interview with producer and former rapper Heffner, talking about his last productions and his collaborations in Israel and overseas.

  • Episode 511 - Best of Show #10

    04 October 2020

    Jigga Juice 10th's annual "Best of" show, featuring some of the best live performances in the studio and Jigga Juice's special projects throughout the years. 

  • Episode 510 - Corona Edition feat. Teddy Neguse On the Phone

    30 September 2020

    Jigga Juice in another Corona edition - an improvised one this time, with the music being chosen on the go. In addition, Israeli rapper Teddy Neguse joins in on the phone to talk about his latest tracks, his plans for the future and his opinion on the ongoing demonstrations in Israel.  

  • Episode 509 - Back to Corona Editions

    23 September 2020

    With Israel being in lockdown once more, Jigga Juice returns to its corona editions sans in studio guests but with a special guest on the phone - Israeli rapper Michael Swissa, who talks about his latest EP "Havila Overet" and the latests projects he's been involved in lately. 

  • Episode 508 - Best Israeli Hip Hop of 5780 (תש"ף)

    14 September 2020

    Even in a horrible year such as this, Jigga Juice continues its annual Hebrew wrap up special tradition, featuring guest co-host Matan Sharon and an appearance from show's producer Esther Cohen. Once again, two hours are not enough to cover all the good music that have come out this year, so this time we decided to stay for an extra hour, for for our online listners only.  

  • Episode 507 - Amit Ulman Special - Jigga Juice Meets Alternativa

    08 September 2020

    Jigga Juice teams up with IDC Radio's Anat Henkin and her show "Alternativa" to host rapper/singer/writer/poet/actor/director Amit Ulman (formerly known as Pedro Grass)! A special show in honor of his new album "Le'Orech HaHeshek", including a lot of live performances (accompanied by Nadav Manor on guitar) and a special conversation about the album, the themes in it and Ulman's many projects.

  • Episode 506 - Jazz & Sabo

    02 September 2020

    Israeli rapper Jazz returns to Jigga Juice, this time with legendary producer Sabo to talk about their EP "Shavu'a She'Avar"! A special show, including live performances and a conversation about the EP, the protests that inspired it and the process of creating it.

  • Episode 505 - Nati Hassid

    26 August 2020

    Israeli rapper Nati Hassid returns to Jigga Juice to talk about his new compilation "Lehitey Zahav" and his career in general, including live performances in the studio.

  • Episode 504 - Tohar

    17 August 2020

    Israeli rapper/producer/singer Tohar (Tohar Shefi) returns to Jigga Juice for a special show in honor of his new album "Tohar"! A conversation with Tohar about the album, including two performances in the studio and a world premier of a new track by Tohar and Big Sezo!

  • Episode 503 - Big Sezo

    10 August 2020

    Israeli rapper Big Sezo of rap crew A.C.T returns to Jigga Juice, accompanied by fellow crew member Ejay Sunn for a special dedicated to his solo career! Featuring live performances in the studio for songs from Sezo's whole catalogue and an interview about the crazy year that he had, which included an incarceration.

  • Episode 502 - R.A The Rugged Man Interview & Special

    05 August 2020

    Legendary rapper R.A The Rugged Man in his second interview for Jigga Juice! Matan Sharon and Tomer Gershenman interview the legendary rapper together about his new album "All My Heroes Are Dead" , legendary rappers, A-F-R-O and much more. Select bits from the interview alongside select tracks from the album and a bit from previous albums and projects.

  • Hip Hop and Protest - Special Zoom Pannel

    29 July 2020

    Jigga Juice in a special online edition : Hip Hop and Protest Pannel! A conversation about hip hop, protest and the connection between them, hosted by Tomer Gershenman and Matan Sharon and featuring activist Daphni Leef and rappers Tuna, Netta Weiner (of System Ali) and Ashken (of Shazamat). A very intresting conversation about a very special subject.

  • Episode 501 - Peled Special

    21 July 2020

    Israeli rapper Peled comes back to Jigga Juice for a special show in honor of his new album "Haravot BePita"! Peled comes with his DJ Lil' Or and manager Nache to perform songs off the album and talk about the album and the process of creating it.

  • Episode 500 - T.O.B feat. Sticky Fingaz Exclusive and Shazmat Phone Interview

    14 July 2020

    Jigga Juice 500th episode! For the special occasion, we get a special exclusive - a new track by Israeli rapper T.O.B featuring Ortega and rap legend Sticky Fingaz of Onyx! T.O.B himself joins us on the line to present the song. Later on the show, rapper Gidon of Shazamat joins us on the phone as well to talk about Gidon's arrest in a demonstration last Saturday.

  • Episode 499 - David Maayan Special

    05 July 2020

    Israeli rapper David Maayan returns to Jigga Juice with his producer and musical partner Iftach Naor in honor of his new album "Ad Hasof"! David Maayan kicks some tracks live in the studio, talks about his progress as a rapper and a producer and the life expreiences that influenced the album.

  • Episode 498 - Vibe.Ish

    30 June 2020

    Israeli rapper Vibe.Ish returns to Jigga Juice in honor of his new album "Ha'Aliya", accompanied by his DJ Nati Tamam ! The rapper kicks some tracks live in the studio and talks about his new album, his career with Tela Mobb and joining Shigola Records.

  • Episode 497 - Dima XR

    23 June 2020

    For the first time since the Coronavirus outbreak, Jigga Juice finllay returns with artists in the studio, with Israeli rapper/actor/activist Dima XR (Elad Moshe), his producer bAlu and his DJ Yogi ! A special show with a special charecter, including live performances in the studio and a conversation about the Dima XR charecter and how it came to be.

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