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  • Episode 440 - Hip Hop, Death & Memory.

    05 May 2019

    A different Jigga Juice edition, before Memorial Day in Israel. An hour of songs that take on the issues of Death and Memory, including tribute to fallen family members and fellow rappers. 

  • Episode 438 - Jimbo J & Roy Doron!

    21 April 2019

    Israeli rapper Jimbo J and Spa Band member Roy Doron come to Jigga Juice for a special show , in honor of their new album "Ma Rapperim Rotzim"! Live performances and an interview about the album the viral success of his first album and Jimbo's unique subject matter. 

  • Episode 437 - Noroz & Ori Shochat

    15 April 2019

    Israeli rappers Noroz and producer Ori Shochat come to Jigga Juice to talk about their new joint album "Avood" and perform tracks from it live in the studio!  

  • Episode 436 - Cohen & Michael Swissa

    07 April 2019

    Israeli rappers Cohen and Michael Swissa come to Jigga Juice to talk about their new joint EP "Glisha BaSeter" ! The two rappers perform songs from the new EP and talk about the project, its sound and the way it was created. 

  • Episode 435 - Dor3 Special!

    31 March 2019

    Israeli rapper Dor3, producer Dabo and Gcg737 producer Kalman come  to Jigga Juice to talk about Dor's Dabo-produced album "Shirey Dika'on" ! A special interview about the much expected album, Dor's background, his crew Gcg737 and of course, live performances in the studio!

  • Episode 434 - Slug of Atmosphere Interview & Special!

    27 March 2019

    American rapper Slug of the duo Atmosphere returns to Jigga Juice! After the interview in 2016, Slug gives another phone interview to Tomer Gershenman and frequent co-host and long-time Atmosphere fan Matan Sharon! A conversation about the new album "Mi Vida Local" , about past songs and albums

  • Episode 433 - Lukach

    18 March 2019

    Israeli rapper Lukach returns to Jigga Juice once again to perform some tracks in the studio and  talk about his last mixtape "BaRap Obamba" , the songs he's released since his last album and his new country (!) album with Sagol 59! 

  • Episode 432

    12 March 2019

    Jigga Juice from March 13th, 2019. An hour of great hip hop, Israeli and American.

  • Episode 431 - The Notorious B.I.G Special #9 - featuring Peled!

    04 March 2019

    As always on the week of March 9th, it's Jigga Juice's 9th annual Notorious B.I.G special, this time co hosted by non other than Peled! The Israeli rapper, mostly known for his love for 2Pac comes to show respect to show's all time favorite and chooses his favorite Biggie songs..and perhaps a few of 2Pac's. 

  • Episode 430 - Luqi

    25 February 2019

    Israeli rapper Luqi (aka Luqman) makes his Jigga Juice debut to talk about his new album "Kilo Notzot" and perform tracks from the album! 

  • Episode 429 - DJ Glass Vegas

    20 February 2019

    Israeli DJ Glass Vegas returns to Jigga Juice for a handful of short sets and an interview about what he's been up to.

  • Episode 428 - Tohar Shefi

    10 February 2019

    Israeli rapper/producer/musician Tohar Shefi makes his Jigga Juice debut in a special show, right before the release of his second album! A special interview, live performances and two world premiers of songs from the upcoming album!

  • Episode 427

    06 February 2019

    Jigga Juice takes a break from the specials and the guests and goes back to its roots with an hour of great hip hop from all times and places - Maxo Kream, Public Enemy and a new track by Israeli rapper Benny Esterkin are all in the mix. 

  • Episode 426 - Echo & DJ Nati Tamam!

    05 February 2019

    Israeli rapper and singer Echo returns to Jigga Juice to talk about new album "Achat" and her upcoming show at the Barby Club and to perform tracks from the album plus a cover to Lauryn Hill's "Lost Ones", with DJ Nati Tamam on the turntables!

  • Episode 425 - Rappers to Watch Special - featuring Cholit Blau

    23 January 2019

    Fellow radio host and music journalist Cholit Blau visits Jigga Juice for the first time to co-host a special show, focusing on rappers to watch for 2019! Cholit and Tomer with their choices of rappers, Israeli and international.

  • Episode 422 - Ofiri

    01 January 2019

    Jigga Juice kicks off 2019 with special guest Ofiri, who comes on the show for the very first time to talk about his new album "Greatest Hits" and perform tracks off the album, along with sax player Amit Pollak

  • Episode 424- Matan Sharon vs. Asaf Vatashsky - The Battle - Pt. 2!

    17 January 2019

    Jigga Juice hosts yet another rematch between the former hosts of "Rhymes & Rhythms", Matan Sharon and Asaf Vatashki in a special battle show. The two competitors present their choices for songs in categories assigned to them - with Tomer Gershenman serving as the referee, when this time drinking is involved - the loser of everyone must drink a shot!

  • Episode 423 - Best of Show #8

    08 January 2019

    After a year's break from the tradition, Jigga Juice is back with a new "best of" show, featuring some of the best live performances and recorded specials throughout the show's 8 more than 8 years on the ai. Featuring performances by Nechi Nech, Shekel, Ben Blackwell, Pele Ozen and of course, some of the Jigga Juice Cyphers!

  • Episode 421 - Best of 2018!

    24 December 2018

    For the 9th year, Jigga Juice wraps the year in hip hop! A 3-hour edition of Jigga Juice featuring the best hip hop of 2018, including insert and choices by Nechi Nech, Tuna, Lukach, Cohen, Eden Derso, Quami, Young Boiz, Matan Sharon and Guy Hajaj! (of "Oneg Shabat")!

  • Episode 420 - Pele Ozen

    17 December 2018

    Israeli crew Pele Ozen returns to Jigga Juice (Avri G, Flow Nevo, Bril, Roison & DJ Priest S) makes its return to Jigga Juice to talk about the new album "BeGova HeEynaim" and to perform songs in the studio! Including a conversation about the crew's very important song "Men Speech 2", expressing solidarity with women and any victims of sexual harassment or abuse.

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