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  • Episode 266 - Proudly Presenting : Tamer Nafar's "Seret Aravi" Remix!

    06 January 2016

    A new edition of Jigga Juice, premiering an exclusive Jigga Juice Remix - Palestinian rapper Tammer Nafar of DAM rapping over Tuna's "Seret Aravi" (Arab film)! Also including lots of other great hip hop, old and new, Israeli and American.

  • Episode 265 - Best of 2015 Special!

    30 December 2015

    Jigga Juice's "Best of 2015" special! Wrapping up 2015 in 3 hours of the best hip hop to have come out this year, including cameos by Israel's top rappers/journalists/radio hosts, revealing their favorite hip hop albums of 2015!

  • Episode 264 - featuring OBD & Shurpi

    23 December 2015

    A new Jigga Juice with lots of great new Amercian hip hop and featuring guest rapper/producer OBD, accompanied by producer Shurpi!

  • Episode #263 - DJ Mesh

    17 December 2015

    Veteran Israeli DJ and producer, DJ Mesh, comes to Jigga Juice to talk about his career and to demonstrate his skills on the turntables!

  • Episode #262

    09 December 2015

    A new Jigga Juice with lots of great new hip hop, including the new track by Israeli all star group "Hakabinet" and new tracks by Deacon the Villain and Logic!

  • Episode #261 - featuring Oddisee!

    02 December 2015

    Rapper/Producer Oddisee returns to Jigga Juice for a second interview! Tune in to hear him talk about his career endeavors since the first interview and the first album, Kanye West and the conditions on which he'll agree to perform in Israel. Also includes great music by other artists on the first half of the show.

  • Episode #260

    25 November 2015

    New edition, featuring lots of new music by Segev (featuring Benny Esterkin), Redman, Childish Gambino with Vince staples and of course, classics by Brand Nubian, Kool G Rap and more!

  • Episode #259

    18 November 2015

    A brand new Jigga Juice, with lots of great new hip hop - Roots Manuva, Rapper Big Pooh and lots of good Israeli hip hop from recent weeks (along with some great older stuff).

  • Episode 258 - Blackalicious Interview!

    11 November 2015

    Blackalicious on Jigga Juice! A special show dedicated to the phenomenal hip hop duo consisting of rapper Gift of Gab and producer Chief Xcel. Two hours featuring the interview as well as the duo's best music

  • Episode #257 - Radio Legends Special!

    04 November 2015

    A very special episode of Jigga Juice, dedicated to hip hop radio legends! Featuring interviews with Fly Ty (producer of Mr. Magic's "Rap Attack", first ever hip hop radio show), Kool DJ Red Alert, Stretch & Bobbito and from the Israeli side, host the legendary Israeli hip hop radio show, Liron Teeni!

  • Episode #256 - featuring Bizzie Monroe!

    28 October 2015

    A new Jigga Juice episode, featuring the interview with upcoming rapper Bizzie Monroe and a few bars she spit for Jigga Juice! Also tune in to hear who are Jigga Juice's next interviewees!

  • Episode #255 - 1995 Special!

    21 October 2015

    After past tributes to the years 1993 and 1994, Jigga Juice pays respect to 1995 and the many hip hop classics that were released that year in a 3 hour special, featuring Tal Elefant ("Hiphopotal" on "Kol HaCampus") as guest co host! Tune in to hear some classics by Raekwon, Mobb Deep, GZA, Big L, Das EFX and much much more.

  • Episode #254

    14 October 2015

    After months of specials and guests, Jigga Juice is back to its essence and routine with the combination of new hip hop (including a track from the new Blackalicious album) and classics, in both Hebrew and English. Check it out!

  • Episode #253 - OW Crew Set!

    06 October 2015

    A special set by the OW Crew : Juicy Sap, Avri G and Shighur, with a set made especially for Jigga Juice! Great music, great techniques with just a few talking segments in between them.

  • Episode #252 - Best of Jigga Juice #5!

    26 September 2015

    The 5th annual "Best of Jigga Juice" show, featuring some of the best live performances on the show from the past few months as well from earlier shows and of course, the anthem and its remix version!

  • Episode #251 - Tamer Nafar of DAM

    22 September 2015

    "Godfather" of Palestinian hip hop" , Tamer Nafar of DAM, comes to Jigga Juice for a very special show, with Matan Sharon as guest co-host. Tamer talks about his musical career, about rapping in Herbew and Arabic and wraps up by performing a freestyle! After the show's full hour, Tamer stays for extra 50 minutes, touching on very sensitive yet very interesting and complex issues. Don't miss out on it!

  • Episode #250 - Best Israeli Hip Hop of 5775 (התשע"ה)

    15 September 2015

    With the Jewish year of 5775 (התשע"ה) coming to a close, Jigga Juice (on its 250th show!) wraps off the year with a two-hour special featuring Matan Sharon as guest co-host! Best albums and songs of the year and a mix of stupid jokes and serious hip hop discussions.

  • Episode #249 - Ori Shochat

    09 September 2015

    Israeli super producer Ori Shochat comes to Jigga Juice to talk about his career and the huge list of people he produced classic tracks for - from his Own "Harevi'ia Hapotachat" duo , through Subliminal to Ben Blackwell. Including a phone in interview with Nechi Nech, who talks about his work with Ori Shochat (and his upcoming album release show at the Barby Club.

  • Episode 248 - Tuna

    02 September 2015

    After gaining nation-wide success, Israeli rapper Tuna comes to Jigga Juice, to talk about the new album and its success and his career up to this point, playing many of his songs in the process!

  • Episode #247 - Ben Blackwell & Haim2

    26 August 2015

    Hebrew Israelite Ben Blackwell and his brethren Haim2 come to Jigga Juice for a special show! Including an amazing live performance of "Heal My Wings", an EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIER to a new song and an interview about Blackwell's fascinating story

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