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  • Episode 248 - Tuna

    02 September 2015

    After gaining nation-wide success, Israeli rapper Tuna comes to Jigga Juice, to talk about the new album and its success and his career up to this point, playing many of his songs in the process!

  • Episode #247 - Ben Blackwell & Haim2

    26 August 2015

    Hebrew Israelite Ben Blackwell and his brethren Haim2 come to Jigga Juice for a special show! Including an amazing live performance of "Heal My Wings", an EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIER to a new song and an interview about Blackwell's fascinating story

  • Episode #246 - With Benny Esterkin, David Maayan and Shahak

    19 August 2015

    Israeli rapper Benny Esterkin comes to Jigga Juice, accompanied by rappers David Maayan and Shahak, to talk about his new album "Yom Echad Kol Ze Iheye Shelanoo" and his upcoming album release concert and to kick some live performances and freestyles!

  • Episode #245 - With Cohen as co-host!

    12 August 2015

    Israeli rapper, producer and DJ Cohen (aka Cohenbeats) of Cohen@Mushon takes over Jigga Juice's playlist and chooses some of his favorite tracks! Tune in to hear his selection and his reasons for choosing each song!

  • Episode #243

    29 July 2015

    A new Jigga Juice with lots of new hip hop, including an exclusive song from Israeli rapper Tuna's upcoming album!

  • Episode #244

    06 August 2015

    A brand new Jigga Juice, including Israeli rapper Tuna's new single and a great Glasses Malone remix, putting both Kendrick Lamar and Killer Mike on the same track! In the photo : IDC Radio tech producer Noam Tepper, on her last Jigga Juice shift.

  • Episode #242 (co hosted with Yvonne Sabba) - Sagol 59 & Saz!

    22 July 2015

    A very special edition of Jigga Juice, with Israeli rapper Sagol 59 and Palestinian rapper Saz as guests and alternative Arabic music expert Yvonne Sabba ("The Bridge", "Indiepush") as guest co-host! Including live studio performances and a very interesting interview about their careers and their collaborations.

  • Episode #241 - Lukach

    15 July 2015

    Lukach returns to the Jigga Juice studio, accompanied by girlfriend/collaborator Hilla Hallwani for a special show to talk his new albums "Games of the Crack" (Mischakey HaCrack") and to perform some of the album's songs! Don't miss out on it!

  • Episode #240

    08 July 2015

    Lots of new Israeli hip hop (Nechi Nech,Lukach,Sagol 59 & Shiroto feat. Cohen),new American hip hop (A$AP Rocky,Slum Village feat. Phife Dawg) and just the proper dosage of classics. Check it all out right here.

  • Episode #239 - Nechi Nech & IsaacDaBom

    25 June 2015

    Israeli rapper Nechi Nech & Producer/singer IsaacDaBom come to Jigga Juice, on the day of Nechi's new album release! A Two hour special, including live performances and an extansive interview, covering all aspects of the new album!

  • Episode #238

    24 June 2015

    World premiere for the remix for the Jigga Juice anthem (by producer Shurpi) and new singles by Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge (featuring Vince Staples) and by Israeli rappers Lukach and Peled

  • Episode #237 - Damian Marley Special + Caffe Shachor Chazak

    17 June 2015

    A double episode of Jigga Juice, consisting of two specials!

  • Episode #236

    10 June 2015

    New episode, full of great new hip hop, including the new monstrous collaboration of All Flows Reach Out (a.k.a A.F.R.O), R.A The Rugged Man and Jedi Mind Tricks! Also including a D.O.C birthday tribute and another week in rotation for the new singles by Nechi Nech and Tuna!

  • Episode #235

    03 June 2015

    New show with new loads of new music - including tracks from the new albums by A$AP Rocky, Snoop Dogg and J-Live, as well as many Israeli hip hop tracks, plus a few beats from the Alchemist album, Israeli Salad playing in the background! Also including a tribute to Wu-Tang Clan's album, 'Forever', released 18 years ago today!

  • Episode #234

    27 May 2015

    New show with lots of brand new Israeli hip hop, from Nechi Nech, Tuna and Taboo who have all released great new tracks in the past week. Add that to new music from Oddisee and Earl Sweatshirt, to name a few, and you got a show you can't miss out on!

  • Episode #233

    20 May 2015

    After celebrating 5 years, Jigga Juice is back to our hip hop routine of great hip hop, including songs from great new albums by J-Live, Oddisee and Israeli rapper Benny Esterkin, and also a song from the upcoming Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge follow up album to 12 Reasons to Die

  • Episode #232 - Presenting the Anthem Remix!

    13 May 2015

    The 5 year anniversary celebration continues with the WORLD PREMIER on the Jigga Juice Anthem's remix, featuring the next generation of Israeli MC's - Benny Esterkin, David Maayan, Turkish Meister, Shiroto and Dorke, with DJ Pipe on the scratches on the same amazing Shekel beat! In addition, lots of amazing hip hop, Israeli and American!

  • Episode #231 - 5 Years on the air!

    06 May 2015

    Jigga Juice celebrates 5 years on the air, premiering its celebratory anthem, featuring top Israeli MC’s - Cohen@Mushon, Nechi Nech, Tuna, Peled, Z.K, Ortega & Lukach, on a Shekel produced beat and scratches by DJ Lil' Or! Also including a tribute MCA and lots of new hip hop and classics by the show’s favorite - what Jigga Juice has been giving you on a weekly basis for the past 5 years.

  • Episode #230 - Lauryn Hill Special!

    29 April 2015

    In honor of Ms. Lauryn Hill's arrival to Israel, a special Jigga Juice edition dedicated to the one and only Lauryn Hill a.k.a L-Boogie! An hour full of Ms. Hill's music, with the Fugees and in her solo career - and even a song dedicated to her by Talib Kweli

  • Episode #229 - Independence Day Special (with guest co-host Matan Sharon!)

    22 April 2015

    A special independence day of Jigga Juice, with guest co-host Matan Sharon! Including lots of Israeli hip hop rarities by rappers and bands like Shabak Samech and Hashevet and even exclusives by Miro (Shabak Smaech) and Nechi Nech!

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