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  • Episode 603 - Mic Geronimo Interview & Special

    07 September 2022

    Legendary American rapper Mic Geronimo comes to Jigga Juice! A speical interview with the legendary Queens rapper, available here on both the radio version featuring select bits from the interview and some of his best tracks and the full video interview, as streamed live on zoom. 

  • Episode 602 - Fass

    31 August 2022

    Shortly after visting the studio with Mayor as part of the duo "Rosh Ha'Ir Lefass" , Israeli rapper Fass returns to Jigga Juice, this time as a solo artist in honor of his new album "Matzav Tisa"! On the show, He kicks two songs live in the studio and talks about the experience of putting out a solo project (as oposed to putting out a collaborative project) , the many featurs on the album and more. 

  • Episode 601 - Shae/Anti and Valley Corp Takeover!

    24 August 2022

    Israeli rapper Shae/Anti makes his Jigga Juice debut, and makes it in style, backed by members of music collective Valley Corp : Balulu, Tahini Prince, Jonathan Antwi,,Argov, Mali, Zini, Shafrir and their manager Shubik all grace the studio for a unique takeover. A special conversation about the movement, their unique style, influcnces and upcoming shows, as well as a couple of live performances in the studio.

  • Episode 600 (!) - Lukach

    17 August 2022

    Jigga Juice marks 600 shows on the air with a very special guest - Lukach! Lukach comes back on Jigga Juice to talk about his new album "Bruchim HaBa'im LeBeit HaPancake" and perform a track from it, plus one of his famous freestyles! No better way to celebrate 600 shows on the air than with a friend who's been there since day one.

  • Episode 599 - Michael Swissa (with Ori Shochat and Dor Shpaner0

    11 August 2022

    Israeli rapper Michael Swissa makes his long awaited return to Jigga Juice in honor of his new album "Besedergamur"! Swissa performs tracks live in the studio (includng an exclusive verse over a Baby Keem beat) and talks about the album, the time it took to create it, his subject matter and more.

  • Episode 598 - Helem Tarbut

    03 August 2022

    Israeli rap crew Helem Tarbut (Stilla, Hen Porati & Underdogg) make their Jigga Juice debut, accompanied by DJ Gallen on the stand!  A special hour, featuring live performances and a conversation about their new album "Dirat Shootafim", the difference between releasing an album and focusing on singles and their relationship with deceased rapper Numi and their powerful tribute to him.

  • Episode 597 - Connection Live 2 Special!

    28 July 2022

    A special Jigga Juice in honor of the upcoming event "Connection 2"! Participating rappers Kalifi, Ron Hayoun and Hadar Farjun and organizers Greg Goldenberg, Be'eri Weinberg and Idan "Natural" Ben Nun pack the studio, with DJ Kush on the DJ stand! An hour of live performances, freestyles and a conversation about Connection and its importance to the culture. 

  • Episode 596 - J.Lamotta

    21 July 2022

    Israeli rapper/produer J.Lamotta makes her Jigga Juice debut in a special show in honor of her new album (her first one in Hebrew)  "Kacha Shamati"! An extremely intresting hour which includes live performances and a conversation about her move from Berlin back to Israel after 7 years, achieving success in Israel and the collaborations on her album.

  • Episode 595 - Rick Ross Special

    13 July 2022

    In honor of Rick Ross's upcoming concert in Israel, Jigga Juice pays tribute to the boss in a special show dedicated to his music with guest co-host DJ Juvi! A special show with a small taste of Rick Ross's immense catalog, as well as a discussion about his history, his importance to the culture and his ability to collaborate with a-list artists on a regular basis. 

  • Episode 594 - Nave Tzur

    07 July 2022

    Israeli rapper/actor Nave Tzur makes his Jigga Juice debut in honor of his new album "Kmo Hadash!"  Nave pefrorms tracks from the album and talks about this evolution as an artists since his debut album in 2018, his career as an actor and his perception of himself as an all around artist. 

  • Episode 593 - Shay Tra Litman

    21 June 2022

    Israeli rapper Shay Tra Litman makes his Jigga Juice debut in a very special show! An hour of live performances and an intresting conversation about his new album "Hashoov", the subjects he touches on, his life stories and more.

  • Episode 592 - Ohad Cohen

    15 June 2022

    Israeli rapper Ohad Cohen comes to Jigga Juice for his first solo special on the show, in honor of his new album, "Derech Aruka Ve Ktzara"! The veteran rapper talks about his long journey, from his early secular days under the stage name "Syndrome" through his comeback with Produx on the song "Ir Miklat" to the new album! He also performs two tracks in the studio, including a world premier of a new track.

  • Episode 591 - Nevo Shirazi

    08 June 2022

    Israeli rapper Nevo Shirazi of Pele Ozen comes to Jigga Juice for his first solo appearance on the show in honor of his first solo album "Take 29"! The rapper performs songs from the album and talks about dropping a solo project, the collaborations on it, the different aspects of the album and the upcoming album release show. 

  • Episode 590 - Voodo Daddy

    31 May 2022

    Israeli rapper Voodo Daddy comes to Jigga Juice for his first special on the show! The unique rapper performs songs live in the studio and talks about his production style, his work with Evia prior to his solo career.

  • Episode 589 - Big Sezo

    19 May 2022

    Israeli rapper Big Sezo returns to Jigga Juice in honor of his new album "Zipor Levana" and the EP "Those Days Vol. 2" that came before it! The rapper performs songs from the album and talks about the album, the collaborations in it and his impressive work rate. 

  • Episode 588 - Vadim Mechona Special

    18 May 2022

    Israeli rapper Vadim Mechona returns to Jigga Juice to talk about his latest album "Avoda Zara"! A special show featuring live performances and a conversation about the album, its creation process and more. 

  • Episode 585 - Best of Show #12

    07 April 2022

    Jigga Juice's Annual "Best of" Show! An hour featuring some of the best live performancesin the studio and some of Jigga Juice' original projects  throught the show's 12 years on the air.

  • Episode 586 - Shigola Block Party + 12th Birthday Celebration + Independence Day

    02 May 2022

    Jigga Juice celebrates 12 Years on the air + Israel's Independence day + Shigola's upcoming Block Party! Cohen, Eden Derso, DJ Mesh and Stefanie Singer represent the Shigola label in the studio, with a phone cameo by Vibe.Ish. A two hour celebratory special, featuring Israeli hip hop choices by the guests.

  • Episode 587 - Ori Shochat Special

    11 May 2022

    Legendary producer Ori Shochat comes to Jigga Juice for a special show in honor of his new album "Shochatoda"! A conversation about the album, the creation process with the guests on the album and the album launch which willl take place at the Shigola Block Party!

  • Episode 584 - Argov & Oriki Set

    07 April 2022

    Producer Argov and DJ Oriki in a special set for Jigga Juice! An hour of grea hip hop of all types, Israeli and otherwise, including some of Argov's productions, one of them an exclusive play of a song by rapper Slimfim produced by Argov and Heffner!

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