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  • Episode 5

    05 February 2017

    Last show of the first month of Jigga Juice - May 2010. Limp Bizkit with Redman, Method Man & DMX, Israeli bands Shabak Samech and Parvarim Refugges and much more.

  • Episode 4

    23 May 2010

    May 23rd's Jigga Juice -Wu-Tang Clan, Jay-Z, Cypress Hill, KRS-One and more.

    Full Show :

  • Episode 3

    01 December 2016

    The first "routine" edition of Jigga Juice - good hip hop, from all times and all places.

  • Episode 2 - Israeli hip hop Special

    30 November 2016

    Jigga Juice's second episode - an Israeli hip hop special for Israel's Independence Day. An hour of Israeli hip hop, featuring a lot of (then) exclusive tracks.

  • Episode 1 - The Pilot

    05 February 2010

    The very first episode of Jigga Juice! Tomer Gershneman is very excited to present Jigga Juice and for the first show, play the tracks that define hip hop for him.

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