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Episode #218

Published January 21, 2015

Including music from Joey Bada$$'s new album, a new track by Israeli rapper Shiroto and a tribute to Jam Master Jay who would have celebrated his 50th birthday had he been alive today!

Run-DMC - Jam Master Jay
Shabak Samech - Habalada Al Plompi B (שב"ק ס' - הבלדה על פלומפי בי)
Nechi Nech - Dam Diggy Dam (Shirat Ha'Psychopatim) נצ'י נצ' - דם דיגי דם (שירת הפסיכופטים)
Monsta Island Czars - Mic Line
Joey Bada$$ - O.C.B
Gravediggaz - Unexplained
Jonathan Emilie feat. Kendrick Lamar - Heaven Help Dem
Blackstar - RE-Definition
David Maayan & Chulu - Chalas (דוד מעיין וצ'ולו - חלאס)
The Roots feat. J.Davey - Atonement
Murs & Mr. Len - My Final Underground Song
Shiroto - Morid Dofek (שירוטו - מוריד דופק)
T.O.B feat. Z.K - Gever Tishtachrer (T.O.B עם Z.K - גבר תשתחרר)
Nate Dogg - Why


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