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Episode #246 - With Benny Esterkin, David Maayan and Shahak

Published August 19, 2015

Israeli rapper Benny Esterkin comes to Jigga Juice, accompanied by rappers David Maayan and Shahak, to talk about his new album "Yom Echad Kol Ze Iheye Shelanoo" and his upcoming album release concert and to kick some live performances and freestyles!

Big Mo feat. Quami and Liron Te'eni - 1,2,3,4
Shahak - Ani Beseder - Jigga Juice Exclusive!
Benny Esterkin - Ochel
Benny Esterkin - Herzel
Benny Esterkin & David Maayan - Promo Mix - Live @ Jigga Juice!
Benny Esterkin - Willie
Benny Esterkin - Mita'an Choreg Freestyle
Benny Esterkin feat. Nechi Nech & Shmuel -Badugri
Benny Esterkin, David Maayan & Shahak - Er Lechol Hamtirachesh + Freestyle - Live @ Jigga Juice!
Benny Esterkin - Perek Alef
Benny Esterkin, David Maayan, Turkish Meister, Shiroto, Dorke & DJ Pipe - Jigga Juice Anthem Remix

Full Show :

The question chain : Cohen's Question to Benny Esterkin

The question chain : Benny Esterkin asks Ben Blackwell


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