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Episode #261 - featuring Oddisee!

Published December 02, 2015

Rapper/Producer Oddisee returns to Jigga Juice for a second interview! Tune in to hear him talk about his career endeavors since the first interview and the first album, Kanye West and the conditions on which he'll agree to perform in Israel. Also includes great music by other artists on the first half of the show.

Missy Elliot feat. Pharell - W.T.F
Run the Jewels - All My Life
KRS-One - Keep Talking
Sagol 59 - Adama, Ruach VeCash (סגול 59 - אדמה, רוח וקאש)
Talib Kweli & 9th Wonder feat. Pharaohe Monch & Slug - Prego
De La Soul feat. Carl Thomas - It's Like That
Oddisee - That's Love
Oddisee Interview - Part 1
Oddisee - Meant It When I Said It
Oddisee Interview - Part 2
Oddisee - Yeezus Was a Mortal Man
Oddisee - Book Covers

Full show

Full Interview (100% in English, no music)

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