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Episode 301 - featuring Tal Elefant (as guest co-host)

Published September 07, 2016

An all-new Jigga Juice, featuring guest co-host Tal Elefant in an completely improvised show! Tal and Tomer decide on the spot what music to play, and come up with lots of great hip hop.

Playlist :
Braile - Hip Hop Music
Isaiah Rashad feat. Zacari & Kendrick Lamar - Wats Wrong
The Dopplegangaz - Rox Wid Her
James Blake feat. Vince Staples - Timeless Remix
Black Aesop - Believe It's True
The Prophets of Rage - The Party's Over
East Coast Avangers - Kill Bill O'reilly
Banks and Stillz feat. Ghostface Killah - Love and War
Ocean Wisdom - Walkin'
Segev feat. Nechi Nech - HaLayla (שגב עם נצ'י נצ' - הלילה)
Ryu - Been Doin This
Grayskull - Prom Quiz


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  • You never thought that hip hop would take it this far

     - Notorious B.I.G, "Juicy"