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Episode 366

Published December 05, 2017

After a whole lot of shows with guests and interviews, Jigga Juice is back to the regular routine - an hour of great hip hop, old and new, American and Israeli. New tracks by Joyner Lucas and Mick Jenkins and older ones by Jay-Z and Israeli duo Peled & Ortega are all in the mix.

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Show Playlist
Alex Wiley, Mick Jenkins & Azizi Gibson - Like McGyver
bbymutha - Rules
Teddy Neguse - All In (טדי נגוסה - אול אין )
DJ Mesh feat. Ayatola & Michael Swissa - Hakol Bishvil Hashekel (דיג'יי מש עם אייטולה ומיכאל סוויסה - הכל בשביל השקל)
Jay Z - Moment of Clarity
Peled & Ortega - Kol HaMashka'ot Babar
Demigodz - Don't You Even Go There
Joyner Lucas - I'm Not Racist
G Perico - Amerikkka
Shabazz Palaces - Free Press and Curl
Vince Staples - Lift Me Up
Pele Ozen feat. Royson - Hoot Ha'Se'ara (פלא אוזן - חוט השערה)
Black Moon - Stay Real

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     - Notorious B.I.G, "Juicy"