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Episode 422 - Ofiri

Published January 01, 2019

Jigga Juice kicks off 2019 with special guest Ofiri, who comes on the show for the very first time to talk about his new album "Greatest Hits" and perform tracks off the album, along with sax player Amit Pollak

Full Show

Video Version (Originally on Facebook live)

Playlist - Hour 1
Ofiri - Baby
Erez feat. WhiteO - Certainly
Ofiri - Gefilte
Ofiri - Kala - Live @ Jigga Juice!
Ofiri feat. Shoham Tapiero - Szena
Ofiri - Enoshi - Live @ Jigga Juice!
Tohar Shefi feat. Ofiri - Ani Lo Politickai
Ofiri - Dud - Live @ Jigga Juice!
Ofiri - Nishba
Ofiri - Basboosa
Ofiri - Rachok Mikan

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