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Israeli rap duo Melachim Alef & Melachim Bet make their Jigga Juice debut! The duo perform their songs and talk about their humorous rap, the connection between them and their decision to not release an album. 

Israeli's funniest hip hop duo, Lukach and Tal Tirangel come to Jigga Juice for a special show in honor of their new album "Mister Luka and Dr. Tal"!  Lukach and Tirangel perform songs off the album and talk about it, especially on the unique and funny subject matter of the songs.  

A Jigga Juice edition full of great hip hop by the likes of Produx, PR Tropperz and Das EFX.

A show dedicated to the "Rock the Bells" festival, featuring tracks by the artists who took part in it in 2010. 

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