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Israeli rapper and singer Nastia Rod makes her Jigga Juice debut, accomapanied by DJ Perky and her crew "Ahuzat HaBait"! Nastia talks about her debut album "Alef", her EP with Perky "Eich Efsahar Haya Shelo", the success of her collaboration with Peled "Azavt Ta'Bait" and how she responded to the events of October 7th and the ongoing war that followed. She also performs songs in the studio, including the traditional exclusive - this time over Doja Cat's "Agora Hills" beat. 

Israeli rapper Peled returns to Jigga Juice in honor of his new album, TATE WE MADE IT! As is the custom, Peled comes to the studio with DJ Lil' Or and his manager/hypeman Nache to perorm tracks from the album and talk about the influences that helepd shape it, the special collaborators on the album and his approach towards the sound and the production as he was working on it with producers Cohen and Ori Shochat.  

Jigga Juice in a special online edition : Hip Hop and Protest Pannel! A conversation about hip hop, protest and the connection between them, hosted by Tomer Gershenman and Matan Sharon and featuring activist Daphni Leef and rappers Tuna, Netta Weiner (of System Ali) and Ashken (of Shazamat). A very intresting conversation about a very special subject.

Israeli rapper Peled comes back to Jigga Juice for a special show in honor of his new album "Haravot BePita"! Peled comes with his DJ Lil' Or and manager Nache to perform songs off the album and talk about the album and the process of creating it.

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