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Israeli rapper Slimfim and producer Argov come on Jigga Juice in honor of their new collaborative album "Loop HaSevel HaEinsofi"! The two talk about the album, Slima's unique writing, the change from Slimfim to Shaman300, the upcoming album release concert and more. They also perfrom a a song from the album live in the studio!

Israeli rapper/producer Heffner and producer Argov come to Jigga Juice in honor of their new joint album "Nadeo"! A special show in which Heffner pefrorms tracks from the album and the two talk about their work on the album, Heffner's return from retirement and more.  

Israeli rapper Shae/Anti makes his Jigga Juice debut, and makes it in style, backed by members of music collective Valley Corp : Balulu, Tahini Prince, Jonathan Antwi,,Argov, Mali, Zini, Shafrir and their manager Shubik all grace the studio for a unique takeover. A special conversation about the movement, their unique style, influcnces and upcoming shows, as well as a couple of live performances in the studio.

Producer Argov and DJ Oriki in a special set for Jigga Juice! An hour of grea hip hop of all types, Israeli and otherwise, including some of Argov's productions, one of them an exclusive play of a song by rapper Slimfim produced by Argov and Heffner!

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