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Jigga Juice's wraps up 2022 in its annual three hour marathon of the best hip hop of 2022! And of course, including the usual choices by artists and colleagues, with Lukach, Mayor, Heffner, Argov, Massih, Peled, Greg Goldenberg, Liad Meir, Quami, J Lamotta and Matan Sharon and theiir favorite albums or songs of the year !

Jigga Juice returns to its annual tradition of wrapping up the Hebrew year in Israeli hip hop! Matan Sharon returns to co-host the show once again for a 3 hour marathon featuring the best Israeli hip hop to have come out this past year - from heavy hitters like Tuna and Ravid Plotnik to underground senseations and up and coming artits like Ron Hayoun and Liad Meir.

Jigga Juice's Annual "Best of" Show! An hour featuring some of the best live performancesin the studio and some of Jigga Juice' original projects  throught the show's 12 years on the air.

Jigga Juice's yearly wrap up marathon is back to sum up the year 2021! A three hour marathon of the best hip hop of 2021,  including the usual choice by artists and colleagues Tuna, Tzukush, Echo, Cohen, Ron Asael, Lukach, Matan Sharon and Quami !

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