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At the end of the hard year that was 2020, Jigga Juice carries on tradition and wraps it up with a 3 hour special! All the best hip hop that came out during the year, including the usual choice by artists and colleagues Cohen, Quami, Matan Sharon, Tuna, Teddy Neguse, Orit Tashoma, Bril , Lukach, Peled and Noroz! 

Jigga Juice 10th's annual "Best of" show, featuring some of the best live performances in the studio and Jigga Juice's special projects throughout the years. 

Even in a horrible year such as this, Jigga Juice continues its annual Hebrew wrap up special tradition, featuring guest co-host Matan Sharon and an appearance from show's producer Esther Cohen. Once again, two hours are not enough to cover all the good music that have come out this year, so this time we decided to stay for an extra hour, for for our online listners only.  

Jigga Juice's traditional "Best of" show, wrapping up 2019! A three hour marathon featuring the best hip hop of 2019, including inserts from Quami, Ori Shochat, Matan Sharon, Peled, Lukach and Z.K talking about their favorite album of the year!

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