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Jigga Juice carries on tradition in its 11th annual The Notorious B.IG Tribute! This year, Matan Sharon joins as co-host to talk about what makes Biggie the greatest rapper of all time and to play some our favorite B.I.G songs.

Amidst the Corona crisis, Jigga Juice retuns to the air! A show featuring an interview with Lucille Crew's Isgav Dotan and some bits from Jigga Juice's instagram live sessions while the show was off the air.

Jigga Juice's 10th annual Notorious B.I.G special. As always, the show on the week of March 9th is dedicated to the greatest rapper of all time, Biggie Smalls, this time without any guests or special concepts - just an hour with some of my favorite B.I.G tracks.

As always on the week of March 9th, it's Jigga Juice's 9th annual Notorious B.I.G special, this time co hosted by non other than Peled! The Israeli rapper, mostly known for his love for 2Pac comes to show respect to show's all time favorite and chooses his favorite Biggie songs..and perhaps a few of 2Pac's. 

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