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Israeli rapper Slimfim and producer Argov come on Jigga Juice in honor of their new collaborative album "Loop HaSevel HaEinsofi"! The two talk about the album, Slima's unique writing, the change from Slimfim to Shaman300, the upcoming album release concert and more. They also perfrom a a song from the album live in the studio!

Israeli rapper Dor3 returns to Jigga Juice for a special show in honor of his new album "3017"! Dor3 talks about the subjects he touches on the album, life events that inspired it and working on it with producer Dabo. 

Jigga Juice's Corona editions continue, meaning no guests in the studio but with special guests on the line : Dor3, Prosper and Nick! The former Gcg737 members talk about life after the crew , their new project "Onat HaKatom" and their future plans. Besides the interview, the show is full of great hip hop, mostly new, but not only. 

Israeli mega crew Gcg737 come to Jigga Juice in full force : Rappers Dor3, Milky Maine, Slimfim, Deri, Shugu, Nick, Prosper with producer and mastermind behind the crew Kalman Mami ! A special show celebrating the Rishon LeZion crew and their new album "737", featuring live performances of songs from the album. 

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