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An important Jigga Juice edition in honor of the upcoming event "Pisgat HaRap 2", from which all proceeds go to the vicitms of the Nova Festival which took place on October 7th. The event's organizers, Greg Goldenberg, Sverdi & Eliran Erel and three of the rappers who will perfom there, Regini, Big Sezo & Roisha talk about the event's importance and what to expect from it. 

A special Jigga Juice in honor of the upcoming event "Connection 2"! Participating rappers Kalifi, Ron Hayoun and Hadar Farjun and organizers Greg Goldenberg, Be'eri Weinberg and Idan "Natural" Ben Nun pack the studio, with DJ Kush on the DJ stand! An hour of live performances, freestyles and a conversation about Connection and its importance to the culture. 

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