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Israeli rapper Jimbo Jay and Spa Band member Roy Doron return to Jigga Juice for a special show in honor of their new album "Ovdey Namal"! A fascinating conversation with Jimbo and Roy Doron about the album and the meaning behind its songs and of course, live performances in the studio. 

A new Corona edition of Jigga Juice, which includes a phone interview with rapper Jimbo J and an exclusive new track by rapper Taboo Plus !

A Jigga Juice two parter, with two different guests in the studio : Israeli rappers Jimbo J and Numi! Jimbo J talks about his new live album with the Spa Band "Susei Pere Amitzim" and Numi talks about his album "Rockstar Kapara" and performs songs from it!

Jigga Juice celebrates 9 years on the air with a special jam featuring band Shazamat and rapper Avraham Lagasa! Live songs and some of Jigga Juice's greatest hits from the show's 9 years on the air!

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