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Even in a horrible year such as this, Jigga Juice continues its annual Hebrew wrap up special tradition, featuring guest co-host Matan Sharon and an appearance from show's producer Esther Cohen. Once again, two hours are not enough to cover all the good music that have come out this year, so this time we decided to stay for an extra hour, for for our online listners only.  

Legendary rapper R.A The Rugged Man in his second interview for Jigga Juice! Matan Sharon and Tomer Gershenman interview the legendary rapper together about his new album "All My Heroes Are Dead" , legendary rappers, A-F-R-O and much more. Select bits from the interview alongside select tracks from the album and a bit from previous albums and projects.

Jigga Juice hosts the third rematch between the former hosts of "Rhymes & Rhythms", Matan Sharon and Asaf Vatashki in a special battle show which has become a tradition by now. The two competitors present their choices for songs in categories assigned to them - with Tomer Gershenman serving as the referee, with the loser, once again, having to drink a shot!

After three wrap up shows focusing on mainstream hip hop phenomena, Jigga Juice adds one more wrap up show of this decade , this time focusing on the underground! Matan Sharon and Tal Elefant join the panel to discuss and play the artists who shined and impressed this last decade, outside of the limelight. 

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