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With Israel being in lockdown once more, Jigga Juice returns to its corona editions sans in studio guests but with a special guest on the phone - Israeli rapper Michael Swissa, who talks about his latest EP "Havila Overet" and the latests projects he's been involved in lately. 

After a long sequence of specials and guests, Jigga Juice gets back to basics in a regular edition - an hour of hip hop, old and new, Israeli and American. From Ori Shochat's new track with Michael Swissa and Noroz through a Kendrick Lamar loosie to a track by Israeli crew ShittyCT. 

Israeli rappers Cohen and Michael Swissa come to Jigga Juice to talk about their new joint EP "Glisha BaSeter" ! The two rappers perform songs from the new EP and talk about the project, its sound and the way it was created. 

Michael Swissa and DJ MMoshik return to Jigga Juice for a special show, talking about Swissa's new EP "Male Be'Atzmi" and the upcoming Meteor Festival, including a special live performance on beats by some of the participants in the festival.

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