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After weeks of Corona editions and alternative solutions, the Jigga Juice studio is open for guests again, with rapper Ortega and DJ Juvi! Ortega talks about his new album "Zahav Shacor" and performs tracks of it, including a special version of the song "Zahav Shachor"! 

Despite life in Israel slowly getting back to normal, Jigga Juice stays on its Corona format, as guests can still not enter the studio but can definitely have guests on the phone. Israeli rapper Ortega gets on the line to talk about his new quarantine EP. The show also features rapper Vibe Ish's Jigga Juice Instagram interview as well as great hip hop, Israeli and American, old and new.

An almost regular edition of Jigga Juice, featuring lots of great hip hop, old and new - and a short visit by Ortega, talking about his summer tour and performing a track in the studio!

Israeli supergroup HaKabinet (Cohen@Mushon, Axum, Peled & Ortega) come to Jigga Juice in full force to talk about their upcoming concert and perform songs live in the studio!

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