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Jigga Juice carries on tradition in its 14th  annual The Notorious B.IG Tribute! This year,  DJ Mesh joins in the tradition to play his favortie B.I.G songs and talk about Biggie's influence on him. 

Jigga Juice returns after two weeks off the air in a special show with DJ Mesh and Israeli singer Kathleen Eligado in honor of Mesh's new album "Yoter Mazal MiSechel"! The duo talk about the album and its laid back vibe, Kathleen joining Shigola and their plans for the future. They also perfrom a track from the album and carry on the tradition of performing an exclusive Jigga Juice freestyle, this time over a Slum Village's "Tell Me" beat.

Israeli rapper Eden Derso returns to Jigga Juice for a special show in honor of her new album "Meshulash Kadosh" and her upcoming album release concert! A special interview about the album and the concepts in it, its creation, her work as part of Shigola Recods and more - including live performances in the studio!

Legendary producer Ori Shochat comes to Jigga Juice for a special show in honor of his new album "Shochatoda"! A conversation about the album, the creation process with the guests on the album and the album launch which willl take place at the Shigola Block Party!

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