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For the first time in Jigga Juice's history, Israeli rapper Subliminal comes on the show! A special show dedicated to Subliminal's hip hop roots, in honor of his new album "Haor MeZion 2 : HaMachteret" , focusing on the new album and his debut album "HaOr MeZion". The legendary rapper comes on the show with DJ Blackout and singer Almog Kapach to perform some tracks and to talk about his hip hop background and his connection to the hip hop scene. 

Israeli duo Shrek and Tzukush return to Jigga Juice for a special show in honor of their new album "Banu Letaken"! Rapper Shrek and rapper-producer Tzukush talk about the album and its creation under Subliminal  in his label TACT and also pay tribute to the late great MF DOOM with a freestyle over one of his classic beats.

With the Jewish year of 5775 (התשע"ה) coming to a close, Jigga Juice (on its 250th show!) wraps off the year with a two-hour special featuring Matan Sharon as guest co-host! Best albums and songs of the year and a mix of stupid jokes and serious hip hop discussions.

Israeli super producer Ori Shochat comes to Jigga Juice to talk about his career and the huge list of people he produced classic tracks for - from his Own "Harevi'ia Hapotachat" duo , through Subliminal to Ben Blackwell. Including a phone in interview with Nechi Nech, who talks about his work with Ori Shochat (and his upcoming album release show at the Barby Club.

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