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Following the sudden and tragic passing of Israeli rapper Numi, Jigga Juice pays tribute to him in a special show. Guest co-host Matan Sharon joins in to have a conversation about the rapper's career, his unique personality and our interactions with him over the years. Also attached is  a recording of his Jigga Juice visit from 2019. 

Jigga Juice pays tribute to MF DOOM in its longest edition to date - more than four hours of tracks by DOOM under all of his aliases (Viktor Vauhgn, King Ghidora, Zev Luv X and more) and a conversation about some of the aspects of his enigmatic charcter with the two co-hosts Matan Sharon and Dudu Bistrov (possibly the biggest DOOM expert in Israel). While every attempt to fully understand MF DOOM is bound to fail, these almost 4.5 hours cover important parts of it and good tracks to start in order to delve in DOOM's legacy.

A different Jigga Juice edition, before Memorial Day in Israel. An hour of songs that take on the issues of Death and Memory, including tribute to fallen family members and fellow rappers. 

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