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Ravid Plotnik returns to Jigga Juice for a special show in honor of his new album "Toch Kedey Tnu'a", with the album's producer Yishay Swissa! A long conversation about Ravid's artisry, his process of creating the album and the meaning behind a few of his songs, as well as Jigga Juice's part in the song "Korban". 

Israeli rapper Sima Noon in her first Jigga Juice special, right before she releases her debut "Tedabri Klum"! Featuring world premiers for tracks form the new album and a conversation about Sima's career in hip hop and outside of it.

Ravid Plotnik (formerly known as Nechi Nech) returns to Jigga Juice to talk about his new album "VeAkshav LaHelek Ha'Omanuti" in a two hour special! A conversation with Ravid and the album's musical manager YishaySwiisa about the name change, Ravid's relationship with rap and their work together on the album.  

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