Jigga Juice

Tomer Gershenman's Side Projects

  • World College Radio Day

    A special broadcast for World College Radio Day, co-hosted with Yvonne Saba. WCRD is a 24 hour marathon in which college radios from all over the world broadcast celebrating college radio and this year's theme is accepting the other. Yvonne and Tomer interview different figures from different fields, including Neta Weiner of multi-lingual (Hebrew-Arabic-English-Russian) hip hop band System Ali.

  • Various shows on 88FM

    As part of the 88FM, I occasionally have the chance to step in for other hosts and editors and hosting some shows other than my own "Groove 88" and "Midnight Marauder"

  • TEDER.FM Specials

    Special shows hosted by Tomer Gershenman and Matan Sharon at At TEDER.FM

  • Shabak Samech - Focus - Kan Gimel

    A special show dedicated to Israeli rap band Shabak Samech and their sophomore album "Ba'Atifa Shel Mamtak" ! The album itself, their career before and after the artists it has influenced. Also including interview bits with the producer of the album, Yossi Fine.

  • "Kesem Shachor" ("Black Magic") - De La Soul Special

    Celebrating De La Soul's first album in 12 years, "and the Anonymous Nobody", Michal Asulin invited me to the studio to guest co-host a special dedicated to this great album and talk about the album and De La Soul's legacy in hip hop.

  • Dibur Nagu'a - Ill Conversation

    Tomer Gershenman and Matan Sharon in a special podcast, interviewing whoever they find interesting - rappers, comedians, media personnel, musicians of all sorts and who knows what more.

  • Middle East Coast on KZradio

    Tomer Gershenman and Yvonne Saba in a revolutionary show! Yvonne, an expert on alternative music from the Arab world and Tomer play each other hip hop from Israel and the Arab world, hosting the show in both Hebrew and Arabic!

  • Groove 88 on 88FM/Kan 88

    Tomer Gershenman hosts and edits two hours of hip hop and groove on 88FM (one of Israel's top music stations part of the Israeli Broadcast Authority). Fun upbeat music, including many contemporary chart toppers!

  • Tomer Gershenman on "Brown & Scoop" (CBS Radio)

    CBS Podcast "Brown and Scoop" hosted by Brandon Robinson & Jake Brown hosts Tomer Gershenman in their podcast to talk about Jigga Juice and to sing a "Sukot" song.

  • Moadon Gimel on Reshet Gimel

    Tomer Gershenman hosts and edits three hours of Israeli groove on Reshet Gimmel (a national station, part of the Israeli Broadcast Authority). Hip Hop, electronic music, ethnic, "Mediterranean" , funk, rock and everything Israeli that's got groove in it !

  • Midnight Marauder ("Ba BaMachteret") on 88FM!

    Tomer Gershenman's late-night hip-hop radio show, aired on both 88FM (one of Israel's biggest music radio stations) and IDC Radio (106.2 FM), with great hip hop in a night-time vibe !

  • Musical Correspondent for TLV1.FM

    Tomer Gershenman's interviews with some of the most interesting Israeli musicians , edited into special pieces aired on TLV1's "Week In Review". Also including an interview with VICE's head of music ("Noisy"), Alex Hoffman.

  • Yo! TLV Raps

    Tomer Gershenman's English-language hip hop show on TLV1!

  • Music Review Writer (Hebrew)

     In addition to my work in radio, I have also been writing hip hop related music reviews, most recently for major web-portal "Walla"!

  • Tomer Gershenman featured on Yvonne Sabba’s “The Bridge” (English)

     Tomer Gershenman paid a visit to Yvonne Saba’s show on IDC Radio, “The Bridge”, to play some hip hop music from Jewish and Arabic hip hop artists, including almost forgotten tunes of Palestinian crew DAM rapping in Hebrew!

  • Tomer Gershenman on ‘Game Changers’ @ TLV1 Radio

    A special panel of TLV1’s innovation show, ‘Game Changers’,Hosted by Alina Shkolnikov featuring Gal Fridman, Rei Dishon and Jigga Juice’s Tomer Gershenman,

  • Musical Editing at TLV1

    In addition to hosting and editing Jigga Juice, I am employed as the main musical editor at TLV1, Israel's first English language radio station (where I also host Yo! TLV Raps). The job includes mainly choosing the songs played on the station's various programs, in relation to the content or general atmosphere of the program or plainly according to the station's musical guidelines.

  • Neshika Stira

    IDC Radio’s Neshika Stira, hosted by Noam Tepper and Elad Abir-Sarr in episode fellow radio comardes Tomer Gershenman & Nir Shapira to participate in radio game show!

  • Rap Orgy at TEDER.FM

    Tomer Gershenman (Jigga Juice), Matan Sharon & Asaf Vatashki (Rhymes & Rhythms) host a Rap Orgy at the Teder! Israeli rappers Dorke, Nati Hassid, Ayatola, Soul-J, Royson & Rocky B visit the van to spit some hot bars, with DJ Lil' Or on the turntables!

  • Karma Polish @ TLV1 Radio (produced by Tomer Gershenman)

    TLV1 FM’s Israeli-Polish special, hosted by Hagai Hacohen and produced by Tomer Gershenman. Prior to the 24th annual Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow, TLV1 takes the listeners behind the scenes of the festival, speaking to Israeli musicians performing in the festival (Cohenbeats and Liron Amram) as well as to the organizers of the festival and the scholars taking part in it.

    Photograph By Weronika Suchodolska

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